Tunnel Light™ Counseling & Consultation Services

At Tunnel Light, we are committed to bringing about sustainable, long-term change, especially in the areas of mental health, substance use recovery, building leaders & strengthening teams. Our expert coaches bring counseling and consultation services right to individuals and organizations, providing treatment and services directly on-site or within the community. From Grief Kits that allow an individual to appropriately work to process their grief following a loss, to professional grant writing and speaking on various topics, the team at Tunnel Light does it all. Call today for your free consultation.





Grieving without shame

As a clinician in NJ, I am constantly amazed by how vocal and public we can be about some things, while remaining totally …

The legit power of positivity

When I talk with people about the power of positivity, they often look at me like I have three heads. Though being positive …

Put yourself FIRST

Though counseling is becoming less stigmatized over time, it is still a process that receives a tremendous amount of criticism. …