Tunnel Light™ Counseling & Consultation Services

At Tunnel Light, we are committed to bringing about sustainable, long-term change, especially in the areas of mental health, substance use recovery, building leaders & strengthening teams. Our expert coaches bring counseling and consultation services right to individuals and organizations, providing treatment and services directly on-site or within the community. From Grief Kits that allow an individual to appropriately work to process their grief following a loss, to professional grant writing and speaking on various topics, the team at Tunnel Light does it all. Call today for your free consultation.






Struggle with irrational fears, stress, overthinking, ruminating thoughts, extreme pressure, etc?  Have days where crawling into …

Grieving without shame

As a clinician in NJ, I am constantly amazed by how vocal and public we can be about some things, while remaining totally …

The legit power of positivity

When I talk with people about the power of positivity, they often look at me like I have three heads. Though being positive …