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The legit power of positivity

When I talk with people about the power of positivity, they often look at me like I have three heads. Though being positive is something we are encouraged to do from a very young age, societal, individual and employment demands often wear on us, forcing us to be less than positive over time. As an escape from our daily routine, we count on television and social media; two platforms that only continue to fill our head with negativity and hatred. I have made it my personal mission to show the world the power of positivity, one positive action at a time.

Have you ever noticed how someone’s face immediately lights up after you hold the door for them, wish them a good morning or smile at them while walking by? If you have never experienced one of the above, you are missing out. I make a commitment to express positivity, manners and gratitude to everyone I come in contact with, from my early morning bike ride to those I come across throughout my work day. I have noticed that not only does it brighten my day, but it truly makes a positive impact on those on the receiving end. Positivity, though conceptually simple to understand, is greatly lacking in our society, and just a touch of it from all of us each day can truly change the way we see the world and interact with one another!

*This simple concept helped me develop the Positivity Project – together we can spread positivity and flip the script on the negativity plaguing our lives*

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