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Struggle with irrational fears, stress, overthinking, ruminating thoughts, extreme pressure, etc?  Have days where crawling into fetal position sounds more enjoyable than coping in the real world?  Join the ever-growing club!

Our culture is more grounded in reality TV than reality itself. Call it pressure, call it perfectionism, call it whatever you want; it’s anxiety. Anxiety to succeed, anxiety to be perfect, anxiety to get ahead. The American dream has transformed into an unobtainable nightmare. Happiness and security have been replaced with achieving bigger, better & faster; bigger houses and bank accounts, better body & social media followings & faster EVERYTHING!  Even employers expect more and more, with little emphasis on human beings having a life outside of their job.  Am I shocked that humans that have grown up in the real world, with imperfect families, experiences and limited options resort to substances and other poor coping strategies?? Hell no!  So, what’s the way out, you ask?  Here’s my professional advice – talk about that shit; all our trauma, all our mistakes, all our imperfections, all those feelings that make us less than perfect, and ultimately, human.

When I was growing up, I wanted to be Britney Spears’ back-up dancer.  I wanted to be famous and rich and world-renowned. As I get older, you know who I aspire to be?  Those people who just BE; not for fame or riches or notoriety, but for inner peace. We have been conditioned to believe that if we aren’t ‘stars,’ we aren’t shit.  Here’s a secret, my friends – the ‘stars’ are struggling, too! Much like the patients I work with daily, they use substances from their liquor cabinet, doctor or street pharmacist to block out the feelings, fears and things that make them who they are. Let’s let that shit out. Let’s stop seeking ‘unreality’ and come back to the fact that we get one life, one chance to truly live.  Let’s encourage our family, friends, patients and society to let it out. Instead of rich and famous, let’s be anxious and AWESOME! Let’s just BE!

We get one shot at life, and we are so busy trying to be something amazing that we forget to just be the only truly unique thing in this world; ourselves. That in itself is what makes us amazing.

I am asking everyone who reads this to share why they are #anxious&awesome. The only way out is through, so let that shit out and start recovering your life!

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Struggle with irrational fears, stress, overthinking, ruminating thoughts, extreme pressure, etc?  Have days where crawling into …