Professional Counseling & Clinical Supervision


Professional Counseling & Clinical Supervision

Addiction is an epidemic that is growing at an alarming rate in our country, and individuals continue to struggle with mental health issues in silence. At Tunnel Light™, we provide in-home, evidence-based counseling to those struggling with substance use and mental health disorders. We believe strongly that support from trained professionals is vital as one navigates their own unique journey, and we work with our clients to develop achievable goals in a comfortable home or office-based setting conducive to the client's individual needs.

We are about meeting clients where they are, to help them get where they are going. We do this differently by providing not just a listening ear, but real tools and interventions to make your goals more realistic and achievable. Tunnel Light™ Counseling began with people in mind. You, what you need, and how we can best help you. When it comes to counselors, anyone can get a degree, many can get a license, but not everyone can be a true healer. Someone who cares and truly knows how to help.

At Tunnel Light™, we also provide clinical supervision to those pursuing professional licensure in the substance abuse field. Supervision is tailored to your individual schedule and to your professional needs.

YOU are our client/supervisee. Your needs are what matter, and we provide services and supports to help you begin building a future full of hope, support and knowledge. If you are struggling with addiction, looking to become professionally involved in the substance abuse field, or know someone who is, contact us TODAY!

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